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Innovative team exploring new web capabilities using classic technologies.  A minimalist design philosophy that opposes reinventing the wheel and supports perfecting the core web technologies to build new applications. A team that identifies emerging trends and what applications will improve those workflows and use cases.


Evolutionary project management framework.

Darwin is a simple objective oriented framework that is scalable to suit the needs of personal projects or multi-team projects at the corporate level. It shines at overcoming the hurdle of defining ‘where to start’. Its modular format makes it easy to adapt and track changes over time. 

Ultra D6

Modular toolkit for tabletop RolePlaying Games. Ultra D6 is a revolutionary gaming system that allows players to unlock the full potential of their imaginations using a simple 2d6 vs. TN mechanic.  The primary goal is to achieve the highest gaming value per dollar while preserving the Homebrew feel.